Conquest Swimming Club


1. It is a requirement that each swimmer and volunteer becomes a member of the Club. Membership costs £10 per year and covers the cost of insurance.

2. No member shall enter the water without the prior consent of the Chief Instructor or his appointed deputy.

3. Only one method of teaching shall be used, that being the specialised “Halliwick Method” as expounded by the “Association of Swimming Therapy”.

4. Instructors and helpers must be prepared to work on a purely voluntary basis. No personal financial gains may be obtained from services performed for the Club.

5. Instructors and helpers must be prepared to work anonymously and shall be known by their Christian names only. They shall not seek to gain personal publicity from their services to the Club.

6. Handicapped people applying for membership to the Club must produce a Medical Certificate to the effect that they are fit to take part in water activities.

7. The Chief Instructor, or appointed deputy, shall be responsible for all organisation and safety of swim sessions and all matters of discipline that apply to members.

8. All members of the Club shall adhere to any instructions laid down by the Chief Instructor, or his deputy, whilst on bath premises. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from the Club.

  1. 9.The Club hereby excludes any liability for any accident occurring as a result of:

a) Any defect however caused whether by neglect or in any other matter in the

premises in which the swimming instruction is held or any equipment used on
the premises for the purposes of such instruction.

b) By the acts of the swimming instructors or other staff engaged in the
premises whether by their neglect or otherwise.


Club Rules