Conquest Swimming Club


We are a swimming Club specifically for the disabled and those with learning difficulties. We've been helping disabled children and adults learn to swim or improve their technique, through one-to-one and group instruction, for over 45 years.

We meet every Saturday at The Spa in Beckenham between 2pm and 4pm, with a few exceptions.

The Club offers a safe environment for independent swimming. The less able can take advantage of the support and teaching offered by our team of volunteers, many of whom are trained in the principles of the Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy® (HAST). The volunteers help build confidence, teach water skills and make learning fun!

Each September HASTR2 (Region 2) runs a regional gala in which Conquest competes against other Clubs from the same region. The winners go on to compete at a national level in October.

The Club also holds a ‘Splash’ event every March. This is a fun gala with races for all members and awards for everyone who takes part. All members are also welcome to join us on our annual outing.

All swimmers need to become members of the Club. Please see Club Rules for further details.

Facilities include:

    o Deck level pool for easy entry

    o Moveable pool floor, which can be raised or lowered as needed

    o Hoist to aid access into and out of the pool for the wheelchair-bound

    o Warm water, usually 33°

    o Disabled toilet and shower

    o Fully accessible communal changing area with plenty of room for wheelchairs

Welcome to Conquest Swimming Club